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3DCP Group consists of an engineering company, architecture firm, and the constructing party, which combined possess all the skills necessary to 3D print a complete building.

This gives us a unique opportunity to take care of the entire construction process, from idea to turn-key product.

Our ambition is to build better, cheaper, and more sustainably.

When we say our ambition is to build better, we don't just mean the objective quality of the house, but also the subjective experience of the house - all of which is made possible through the construction method and the surrounding processes.

3D printing removes many of the limitations typically experienced in conventional construction.

It is just as easy for the printer to create a square wall as a curved one, or even a wave-shaped one. In other words, it is not limited to the traditional square geometry that conventional construction methods are.Therefore, a load of creative opportunities are made possible for the architects to think outside the box and include humans in the design - without being more expensive.




"Thanks to the innovative processes in 3D printing, it is possible to build new and sustainable houses, in less time, so there is more time and budget to improve other processes"
- Thomas Leerberg, Ph.D, Architect, director of planning at Holstebro municipality

"3D printing, automation and digitization are becoming more and more important in construction for several reasons. Firstly, we can build faster and with completely new forms than before, and secondly, we can minimize waste and use fewer materials."
- Kasper Lynge, Ph.D, Deputy head of department at the Department of Construction and Building Design at Aarhus University

Experience our 3D printed house

Go on a digital visit in our 3D printed prototype house in Denmark.

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