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3D printing is a game changer within the building industry. The technology opens doors to new solutions, that make it possible to create more exciting living spaces without the cost rising noticably. The building process is also more effective with materials and therefore better for the environment.

3D printing buildings is the next quantum leap in the building industry. You probably already know of traditional plastic 3D printers, which you can have in your home. The principle is the same - our printer is simply much, much bigger.

The way we print the concrete, layer by layer, minimizes both waste and general material usage, while also streamlining many steps and processes, which collectively contributes to the speed and efficiency of the construction.

The material is one we are all familiar with: concrete. So the strength and quality is well-known, and it is simply being utilized in a novel way.

It is now easier to construct soft and organic shapes - closer to the ideal that nature has defined, which in turn gives a more stimulating and exciting living space. Future housing will no longer consist of isolated units, but instead a coherent mass, completely customized to the needs of it's inhabitants.

This is all possible right now, at a price that is competitive with other conventional building methods.



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Contact us via mail or phone so we can have a talk about how we together can explore the possibilities for a 3D printed construction project.

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